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92 Dumbreck Road, Glasgow G41 4SN

Telephone No: 0141 427 1593

Derek McIntyre

Subscriptions Convenor

M 07876 555568

E mail [email protected]

Dear Member,

Subscriptions Season 2015 / 2016

Please note that your subscriptions for season 2015 / 2016 are now due. I have listed below the various categories of membership and on behalf of the committee would respectfully ask that you arrange to make payment at your earliest convenience.





For those actively playing rugby for the club and those actively promoting rugby under the auspices of the club.


Intermediate & Full-time Student

For members between age of 18 and 21 at 1st Jan in year of membership and members in full time education. There is no age limit for full time students.



For members under the age of 18 actively involved in playing rugby in the Junior Section



For those over 70 on 1 April who do not wish to vote.



For those aged between 21 and 70 not actively involved in rugby but who wish to use the clubhouse facilities and who do not wish to vote



Exclusive to family units only.



For those involved in non rugby sporting activity at Dumbreck


Please note that the deadline for payment, in line with our constitution, is Wednesday 30th September 2015. I cannot stress to you enough the importance of paying your subscription promptly to allow the club to function efficiently. Also, and equally as important, please be aware that to comply with Scottish Rugby Union registration and insurance, all players MUST be bona fide members of the club for either to be valid. If you have not paid then you do not comply and invalidate any cover. Also you will make yourself unavailable for selection or to use the facilities.

All Applications must be Proposed by a Full, Life or Associate Member of the Club.

Apply now by using the online form, Or Download & print off

Membership button word_logopdf_icon

Once complete the online form will be emailed to the Subscriptions Convenor however if you have elected to download a copy please pass it to the Secretary, Subscriptions Convenor or a member of the Club Committee. Alternatively completed applications may also be left behind the bar.

The Committee will then review the application and advise of its success. Subscriptions will then become payable prior to the membership becoming valid.

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